Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker (8 inches) Released

In addition to the Redmi K30 Pro series phones, Xiaomi also released a new product this afternoon: Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker (8 inches), which provides an 8-inch screen and has a third-generation Xiaoai voice assistant. The price is 349 yuan ($49). It will open at 10:00 on March 27 at Xiaomi Mall.

The new Redmi touch screen speaker is equipped with an 8-inch full-fit HD large screen, covering 6 video platforms, supporting multi-device video calls, smart home control, and customizing an exclusive child mode with a built-in third-generation Xiao Ai.

There are currently more than 210 million smart devices linked with Xiaoai and 57.9 million monthly active users.

Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker

Redmi touch screen speaker Key Features

The 8-inch Redmi touch screen speaker is equipped with an 8-inch high-definition full-fitting large screen to reduce reflections. This screen also has a viewing angle of 178°, which can be seen at a glance whether lying or sideways.

It comes with a built-in high-definition camera, which supports two-way video calls. You can call through the speaker app on your phone, and you can also make video calls with smartphones, MiTu children’s watches, and Mi TV.

Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker

The 8-inch Redmi touch screen speaker can also be used as a super learning machine for children. It can synchronize the content of the children’s channel of the Xiaomi TV.

Not only that, but Redmi’s 8-inch touch screen speaker also has a built-in children’s exclusive mode, which has thoughtfully designed features such as child face recognition, exclusive children’s desktop, and quadruple child anti-addiction protection. When the child appears in front of the screen, Xiaoai will recognize the child’s face and automatically enter the child mode, showing a child-specific desktop carefully created for the baby. It can also filter video content, turn on the blue light eye protection, distance reminder mode, and can turn on anti-addiction mode.

The 8-inch Redmi touch screen speaker supports the third generation of Xiao Ai. You can control the speaker through voice commands, touch screen remote control and gestures.

At present, the Xiaomi AIoT platform has been connected to more than 196 million smart devices. On the 8-inch Redmi touch screen speaker, it can be accessed at any time through the large screen. The smart camera and smart doorbell are linked, and the status of the entire house’s smart devices can be checked at any time.


Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker

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