Redmi Xiaoai Touchscreen Speaker Pro Came With Upgraded Features

On September 3, the Redmi Xiaoai Touchscreen Speaker Pro was officially released. It comes with its own battery to get rid of wire troubles. It will officially go on sale on September 9, at 499 yuan ($73).

As the company introduced, when you put it in the bedroom, it is your ‘play-chasing gadget’. But when you take it to the living room, it is your ‘entertainment center’. When you take it to the kitchen, it is your ‘cooking encyclopedia’, and when you take it to the balcony it is your ‘music on demand station’.

This product is upgraded from the Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker 8 (349 yuan), but the overall shape remains unchanged. It sports a 4700mAh battery, which provides 4.5 hours of long battery life, and the large screen can be unplugged at any time.

Coming with an 8-inch touch screen, it can not only be used to watch movies and listen to songs, but also can be linked with smart cameras and smart doorbells at any time through the large screen. So the status of smart devices in the whole house can be checked at any time.

It can be used as a smart ‘small TV’ on the desktop, integrating content from the 6 popular video platforms of Douyin, iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Mango TV, and Bilibili.

The Redmi Xiaoai Touchscreen Speaker Pro also supports QQ Music, including tens of millions of genuine music libraries.

It is expected to still support the third generation of Xiao Ai. Thus, you can control the speaker through voice control, touchscreen remote control and gestures. It also masters 1600+ practical skills. So you can ask the speaker anything you want – the weather, road conditions, and daily complex operations.

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