Tesla Model 3 Started Selling In South Korea

Tesla officially launched the Tesla Model 3 electric car in South Korea. The electric car is sold in South Korea for 52 million won (about $42774). After government subsidies, the model is priced at 32 million won (about $27090).

It is understood that the Tesla Model 3 launched in South Korea has three versions. Of which the high-performance version of the 100-kilometer acceleration takes only 3.4 seconds. The top speed is 261 km / h, and the charging can travel 499 km.

Currently, Tesla’s models sold in South Korea include the Model S and Model X. Which are priced at 111 million won (about $92677) and 119 million won (about $98380).

Since entering the Korean market in March 2017, Tesla has established 172 slow charging stations and 22 supercharging stations in Korea. It takes more than 10 hours to charge a Tesla car at a slow charging station fully, and only about an hour at a fast-charging station.

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