Xiaomi And 70 Mai To Release New Electric Car Product On March 26

Xiaomi Youpin’s official Weibo channel published a post, saying that 70 Mai and Xiaomi Youpin will launch a brand new product. It is coming at Xiaomi Youpin on March 26. At the same time, two pre-warmed posters have been released:

The first picture shows that the new product supports XiaoAi voice assistant.

Xiaomi 70 Mai electric car product

The second one even showed the contour of the new product, which looks like an electric car. The center of the handlebar provides a screen that supports navigation and touch. The copy shows: ‘What way should I travel in 2020? Smart electric starts from here!’ At 10:00 on the morning of March 26, Xiaomi will meet you!’

Xiaomi 70 Mai electric car product

Of course, the new product may also be a car accessory, which should be something better that the driving recorder. We hint at the previous products launched by 70 Mai.

Interestingly, the recent 70 Mai products support Xiao Ai, and this ensures hands-free operations. We mean, at the moment, this is one of the biggest highlights of 70 Mai products. So this feature will be very helpful in the future products as well.

By the way, if you are not ware, 70 Mai is the only brand in the Xiaomi Eco-chain that focuses on the field of smart cars and smart mobility. It has launched smart rearview mirrors, driving recorders, tire inflation pumps, emergency start power supplies, car air purifiers, child safety seats and other products, All those products have been recognized by car users for many years. And we are sure that the upcoming product will be no exception.


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