Xiaomi Launched 70-meter Smart Driving Assistant

When talking about Xiaomi, many think we should stress only its smartphones. But this company has invested billions in other companies. One of them is 70-meter, which has been making car accessories. Probably, you are aware of the 70-meter Smart RearView Mirror products. They are considered to be among the most selling smart rear mirror not only China but also worldwide. This time, the company announced another amazing product, namely the 70-meter smart driving assistant. In fact, this brand operates under the control of Mijia. So we can even say this is a Mijia-branded product. Anyways, it is priced at 999 yuan ($145).

This device is also called ‘the Xiao Ai in the car’. It supports 24 typical scenes, 1400+ skills, and you can give voice commands to Xiao Ai voice assistant any time. It will intelligently identify and easily handle you, reducing the safety of manual operations.

At the same time, the 70-meter smart driving assistant is equipped with front-end voice technology, which is supported by Nuance. The latter is the world’s leading vehicle voice provider. Also, it supports voice wake-up, interruption and offline voice operations.

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The 70-meter smart driving assistant will put tens of millions of online music and online radio into the car. It can connect with the original car audio through FM, letting you enjoy the music at any time.

Of course, it comes with maps support. The 70-meter smart driving assistant has a built-in customized version of the German map. This is ideal for voice commands interaction.

More importantly, it can capture the driving picture in real-time with the camera, master the situation on the road and GPS data, and alert the security risks on the road in real-time.


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