Xiaomi smart remote control car

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car Opens Crowdfunding

Yesterday, a poster of “Making a Car” in Xiaomi Mall made a huge stir. The company subsequently announced the ‘truth’, saying Xiaomi has no plans to design a car at the moment. And it explained that it will be a ‘smart remote control car’. Now this remote control car has been listed on the Xiaomi Mall crowdfunding. Its retail price is 199 yuan ($28), while the crowdfunding price is 179 yuan ($25).

Xiaomi smart remote control car

The Xiaomi smart remote control car adopts the 1:16 equal-scale reproduction of the real car shape and the complete mechanical structure. It restores the image of the 4th generation Suzuki’s cute off-road hero, reproduces the classic five-hole design elements, and fully shows the square-edged stiff attitude.

The smart remote control car adopts straight-shaft four-wheel drive, high-grip all-terrain off-road tires, and the coil spring type shock absorber central transmission distributes the power to the front and rear wheels on average. So it is easy to achieve large slope climbing.

The vehicle uses high-precision digital servos, 5-in-1 controllers and other high-performance electronic components. They come with impact-resistant nylon chassis, beam-type body structure, and overall bridge suspension system to ensure speed and driving stability.

Xiaomi smart remote control car

The built-in steering servo and throttle control system make the steering ratio and throttle stroke adjustable with the rocker. The delicate and detailed parts cooperate with the direction control system to experience a more realistic control experience.

The exclusive mobile app can use the virtual rocker or gravity sensor mode to control the vehicle. A single click will open the speed limit and auxiliary brake functions, and cooperate with the left and right hand throttle switch. So everyone can find a suitable control method.

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