DJI Mavic 2 review: powerful, still small and portable

Talking about drones, I believe that most of my friends will think of Dajiang for the first time. Today I am bringing you two new drones Mavic 2 pro and Mavic 2 zooms. After a period of experience, I have a rough summary of these two drones, hoping to bring you some reference. Then let's get into the specific introduction today.

Talking about drones, I believe that most of my friends will think of DJI for the first time. Today I am bringing you two new drones Mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom. After a period of experience, I have a rough summary of these two drones, hoping to bring you some reference. Then let’s get into the specific introduction today.

Mavic 2

Mavic 2 Series Appearance

At first glance, the appearance of the new mavic 2 and the previous generation has not changed much. It just feels a little bigger. It can obviously feel the weight increase after getting started, but the whole volume has not increased, and it is still after storage. Very portable, the whole body becomes more rounded. This change is mainly to further reduce the resistance during flight.

Appearance contrast

The biggest change is the main camera, especially the pro version. The logo of the Hasselblad camera is very conspicuous, and the entire camera module is changed to a square shape. Another obvious change is that while the battery has a larger volume, the indicator light of the battery has also changed its style, and the combination of the previous generation has become a combination of rings. Of course, the battery is not compatible with the previous generation.

Mavic 2 Pro camera

Compared with the previous generation, the remote control has a lighter color. There is a shifting button on the side of the gear, which can directly switch the S, P and T gears on the physical button. This design is very convenient. of. Overall, the mavic 2 has increased its weight for higher performance, but it is still the original mavic when folded, and a backpack can be easily loaded, still small and portable.

Remote control comparison
Side gear adjustment

Mavic 2 Series Function Introduction

Because the mavic 2 replaced the more powerful motor, the first time the mavic 2 was launched, the strong takeoff thrust was clearly felt and the response of the rod was very fast. The improved blade design combined with the new streamlined shape of the fuselage allows the mavic 2 to fly at a speed of 72 km/h. In use, we also found that the flight noise of mavic 2 is much smaller than that of the previous generation. This is because the new blade is optimized in design and the edge becomes sharper. This is especially prominent in the outdoor, smaller. The noise can reduce the chance of being onlookers.

Drone blade

In the obstacle avoidance function, Dajiang first equipped the mavic 2 with an omnidirectional environmental sensing system. In order to achieve this function, 11 environment-aware sensors were used to improve the computing power of the chip, and the algorithm between each group of sensors was optimized, so that it can cope with double the amount of data. In actual operation, the unmanned person will issue an alarm and stop moving within a distance of about two meters from the obstacle. The six-way environmental sensor of the fuselage provides a full range of safety guarantees, allowing unskilled users to fly safely.

Anterior environment awareness system

Another interesting aspect is that the newly added led light at the bottom of the drone at night takes off, which illuminates the ground, further ensuring safety during night operations.

Bottom LED light

This time the map has also been greatly upgraded. The newly equipped ocusync2.0 image transmission technology provides a more reliable and stable transmission. The official far-reaching map transmission distance has increased to 8000 meters. Xiaobian also does the corresponding The pull distance test, there is basically no phenomenon of stagnation at 3 to 4 kilometers, it can be said that it is very stable. The picture quality of the picture has also been upgraded from the previous 720P to 1080P, which means that the video transmission on the mobile phone is much more usable. There is no problem in sending friends.

UAV image transmission

Mavic 2 Series Picture Quality Introduction

Then let’s talk about the picture quality that everyone cares most. From the name, you can easily distinguish between the two models. One is the professional version, the other is the zoom version, one is more focused on image quality, and one is more inclined to playability. Let me talk about the professional version first. Behind the adjustable aperture lens of 2.8 to 11, it is a 1-inch CMOS with 20 megapixels, supports 10bit Dlog-M color mode, and can shoot HDR video, which is the first camera launched by Dajiang after the acquisition of Hasselblad. There is also a model of its own, Hasselblad L1D-20C. Hasselblad also put its most proud HNCS natural color solution on this camera to get high-quality images close to the film texture.

Mavic 2 Pro lens

The 1-inch sensor is four times more sensitive than the previous generation and the zoom version, meaning better dimming performance, dynamic range and color reproduction. Simply put, it is like a flying black card. At the end of the big level, the statement of dead people can not be refuted for the time being. The performance of the night scene is particularly prominent. The adjustable aperture can match the night shot mode to get a very good picture. The video and photos all have good performance. In general, the professional version of the pixel quality has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation, and even in many ways has surpassed their own Elf series. Unfortunately, the video does not support 4K 60 frames, which may have a certain relationship with the encoding is H.265.

Night photo

The biggest feature of the mavic 2 zoom zoom is equipped with an equivalent 24-48 lens, which should be the first time you can experience on a consumer drone, supporting 2x optical zoom, plus 2 Double digital zoom for up to 4x lossless zoom. The 24mm lens can achieve a more visually striking composition than the professional version of 28mm, and the replacement for the mid-focus section allows you to get a unique lens language and easily create some aerial photography that can only be seen in movies. The lens makes the picture more expressive.

Mavic 2 zoom lens

Mavic 2 Series Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the official time is 31 minutes. The actual measurement can be kept at around 26 minutes. During the test, the battery performance is not excessively squeezed. Instead, it will return to the air after prompting low battery. Basically, it will be returned every time. The remaining 25% of the electricity.

Mavic 2

To put it simply, the take-off-composition-adjustment parameter-shooting-landing can guarantee an effective shooting time of more than 20 minutes, and 3 batteries can get at least 1 hour of effective material. Within the acceptable range, the remote can be fully charged for 3 full flights, with no improvement compared to the previous generation.



In the end, we have to face a very serious question. Which of the two products to buy, of course, you can also choose to start. Xiao Bian’s point of view is that the individual uses the zoom version, the studio or the individual creator to start the professional version. If you are entangled between the wizard 4 and the professional version, you can directly select the professional version without tangling. Whether it’s quality or portability, it’s worth giving up on the wizard 4. At present, the only advantage of Elf 4 is that it can only hold customers when it is used in addition to 4K 60 frames. If the main use scene is to go out for a trip or take a trip to the suburbs with family members of men and women, the material basically does not need to enter the late stage of the computer, you must choose the zoom version, its richer gameplay can adapt to most scenes.

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