DJI Robomaster S1 Educational robot Review, Features and Price

Dji is one of the leading brands in the manufacturing of electronic products. They are mainly known for their drones but DJI is also active in other areas so this time they inaugurated their new product in market as DJI Robomaster S1. DJI is growing exceptionally fast when we compare to another brand. The reason is because they had been dedicated to design and deliver completely high quality products. Their price point is also reason for their growth they offer compelling products with high value for money.

Robomaster S1 (DJI)

About Robomaster S1 (DJI)

DJI robo master is brand new ground based educational robot built to unlock potential of learners. This educational robot helps the user in learning in –depth understanding of science, mathematics, physics, Computer programming and many more through its intelligent features and game play modes. It is an educational robot toy but it is completely different from other educational robots because of the fact that we have one model to assemble and a vehicle with four separately controlled wheels along with a shooting tower.

Robomaster S1 (DJI)

So coming to DJI Robomaster sleek and classic depiction it has charming glance. Its appearance seems deceptive and potential lies beneath the casing. DJI Robomaster is designed in such a manner that it can be controlled by an application alike a mobile game. All functions and gameplay modes are available on all platforms: IOS, Android and windows.

The Robomaster app even allows users with different systems to play together at the same time. Everyone will be able to set the rule of robot according to his own guidelines. So this DJI Robomaster also gives charm look to your house beside help you in learning depth understanding of math and science.

Features and Specifications of DJI Robomaster:

The Robomaster Robot toy is a tremendous product from DJI. Its black color makes its perspective more shining and awesome along with its modern shape and size. The design of DJI Robomaster is very charming and it also looks very tremendous from all its angles. So its overall persona will surely convince you to make it a part of your daily life.

Robomaster S1 (DJI) Design

So in DJI Robomaster it provide you a modular design let you to build your robot from the ground up, furthering the fun and providing hands on experience with every screw and wire. A total of 46 customizable components are available that can be included in it and gives you unlimited space for your innovation, helps you to grow and learn in an exciting way that expands the capabilities of your Robomaster s1 and yourself. It houses Six (6) PWM ports support customized accessories, which allow user to explore the unlimited functions of the Robomaster S1.

Robomaster S1 (DJI)

It is equipped with sensitive armor and two antennas on its head. It has four wheels for its movement and also has camera to capture it surroundings. Its overall structure is not only beautiful but it also provides scratch resistance to keep the robot look new as always. It is also very durable product and don’t get damage easily when it collides with any wall or furniture, the DJI has done many durability test this educational robot proved to be very good.

Battery & system:

It is also not an easy task to run this ultra advanced robot for a long time. So it must require a strong battery backup to do things accurately.

So DJI Robomaster S1 houses 2400 MAH inbuilt non removable battery in it, which gives you long working session so you can understand more about the depth of science and mathematics.

Further, DJI Robomaster also supports fast charging technology to refill the device in a short time. Its 18 W charger will free you from the electricity plug in very short time and you can easily resume you work frequently. The charging time is 2 to 3 hours to make your functions without interruptions. The 2400 MAH battery will serve the user outstanding backup.


In DJI Robomaster S1 its whole body comes with different types of material. Electronic components, Metal, Plastic, and Styrofoam which gives it durability. It uses a powerful CPU, the intelligent Controller can simultaneously support functions such as low latency, high definition image transmission.

It weighs around 3.3000 kg and physical measurement of product is 32.00 x 24.00 x 27.00 cm (l x w x h). So it is very easy to carry and store, it takes very little space for storage. Its glossy and superior finishing gives it an attractive look. It also increases charm of your house. It looks like crown so it attracts your friends and guests. The product also set a standard of your image in front of your friends and guests.

Motor, Sensors and AI modules

The DJI Robomaster S1 comes with a customized M3508 motor that features an integrated FOC ESC with an output torque of up to 250 MN. This is one of the advanced motor till date and it is first time introduced in this S1 robot. Its embedded motor has linear hall-effect sensors with advanced algorithms allow closed- loop control to add precision. Its safety mechanism helps in delivering outstanding stability. Due to it powerful motor it helps in precision control and helps in adding versatility and its performance becomes unmatched.   

So appearance of this educational robot is deceptive and its potential lies beneath the casing. So it is embedded with many sensors and AI Modules in it.

Robomaster S1 (DJI) Camera

The camera present at head which is integrated with turret give us a preview of playing field. The emitters and infrared sensors of DJI Robomaster S1 Professional education robot allow to fire at enemy using its virtual missiles. Its AI technology helps it in recognizing gestures, sounds and even other S1 robots. So playing with the Robomaster S1 due to its embedded AI technology it opens door ways to AI learning and giving you practical introduction to the technologies of tomorrow.


This DJI Robomaster S1 Robot comes with various sensors for a reason. The turret which is presented in it can also be equipped with gel shells, which we use to shoot at enemies or at target. Its impact sensors will detect the right arrows and it also helps in lowering its health belt. It also has sensors to control it to fall from stairs and when accidently it falls from stairs. The robomaster s1 has sensors for the movement of its four Omni- directional wheels with which user can easily move it in all directions.

The product also has multi lock protection sensors: child lock protection, 10- minute automatic standby and speed limit protection.  All this can easily be handled with the mobile application alike a mobile game. With the dedicated Robomaster app many multi-platform interactions and various operation methods for the Robomaster S1 are supported, along with many competition modes and rich educational resources.

Scratch and Python programming

In Robomaster S1 professional Education Robot supports the Scratch and Python languages. SO it allows you to take your thinking ability to next level, whether you are a novice or expert. Everyone will be able to program the robot and set number of rules of fighting robot according to their guidelines.

The Robomaster S1 enables users to apply their classroom knowledge to compile custom coding, unlocking unique functions and all these will surprise your defeat competitors. So this new education concept helps users to embrace the joy of learning in very new and exciting way. We are also receiving a range of solutions: System to recognize peoples, visual markers, lines, gestures and other units. All this gives user a simple and easy to understand form.

Robomaster S1 (DJI) Additional features and learning

In DJI Robomaster S1 if someone is not very expert in writing code to operate this educational robot so road to mastery also offers project based courses which enhances users understanding of programming languages, while Robo Academy also offers a full curriculum on programming videos and an in depth programming guide with the detailed explanation of Robomaster S1 blocks and modules.

After becoming expert you can easily utilize Vision markers to create traffic lights and other obstacles, user can also write program that allow the Robomaster S1 to drive automatically and execute complex tasks.

Price of Robomaster S1 (DJI):

DJI has brought the new product in the market which is useful everyday. Now if you have liked our article and you are looking to buy one. Then here is the link provided for you, you can buy the DJI robomaster s1 at the lowest price in market here.

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