Galaxy Home Mini AI Smart Speaker Is Coming To Het The Market

In the afternoon of February 3, IT Home reported, that Samsung will hold a new product launch on February 12. In addition to the Galaxy S20 series smartphones and the Galaxy Z series Flip folding screen devices, it will also launch a new smart speaker Galaxy Home Mini.

As early as 2018, Samsung had an AI speaker released along with its own Galaxy Note 9 machine. The smart speaker has the codename of Galaxy Home, but it has never been launched to the market. From the current point of view, this smaller version of the AI smart speaker is the Galaxy Home Mini.

Galaxy Home Mini

According to the exposed information, the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini is coming with 5W speakers from Samsung’s AI platform Bixby and Haman’s AKG. The Galaxy Home Mini can freely control various devices through voice commands using the Bixby app. The built-in two microphones give the device an ability to support long-distance speech recognition.

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The Galaxy Home Mini will also have 4 infrared transmitters. And thanks to them the users can control home appliances through infrared voice. Even old home appliances, which do not have Bluetooth or WiFi can also be controlled by the Home Mini. The Home Mini controls all the old and modern appliances through the mentioned technology, thereby realizing the function of a smart home.

In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini has a price of 99,000 won (about 580 yuan). This is equivalent to $ 82. If it is really in this price range, this product is quite competitive.


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