Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Feature Has a Major Security Hole: Closed Eyes Can Also Unlock

Google’s Pixel 4 series launches a few days ago. However, now the foreign media has found some problems with the new device face unlocking function. The BBC found that users can unlock the Pixel 4 with face unlocking even with their eyes closed.

This is obviously a major vulnerability that would allow an attacker to easily unlock the device without the permission of the phone owner. For example, if the user is sleeping or being tied, the Pixel 4 can be unlock.

When the BBC asked Google why it was so? The company confirmed that the Pixel 4’s face unlock security feature is like this. This is also confirm by Google’s Face Unlock Support page. Which even warns users to put devices in a safe place to avoid such attacks.

But the strange thing is that in the previously expose beta software, Google’s face unlocking function also provides the key to “open eyes”. Even the Android 10 code has built-in support for this feature, but there is no software in the final software. Google is likely to eventually provide this feature, but face unlocking is still a major security issue for Pixel 4 users.

Google told Android Authority that “Pixel 4 face unlocking capabilities meet the security requirements of powerful biometrics for payment and application authentication. Including banking applications. It can withstand other means such as masks. Unlocking attempt. If you want to temporarily disable face unlocking. You can use lock mode to temporarily request a PIN / pattern / password. We don’t have any specific information about future features. But, like most of our products, this Features will continue to improve as software updates become available.”

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