Have iPhone Sales Fallen? Why? What Is The Reason?

It’s not news that many people like iPhones. Every year, the iPhone shows great selling performance. But this year, iPhone sales fell. We are going to talk about their reasons.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone 11 in September, the dual-camera, the latest apple A13 processor, 4GB of ram and a lower price tag have not only stripped away last year’s shrinking iPhone XR, but also made many consumers want to buy it. But, according to a new report by Credit Suisse analysts today, attitudes among Chinese consumers towards the iPhone are now cooling.

Analysts noted that Apple’s total shipments of iPhones in China since the launch of the iPhone 11 series fell by 7.4 percent from a year earlier, including a 35 percent drop in November from a year earlier. They estimate that revenue from Apple’s iPhone line in China has fallen by at least 17.5% in the past three months. Apple’s share price also took a hit last week.

In the face of the cooling of the iPhone series in the Chinese market, analysts say there are two main reasons. First, the ongoing trade war between China and the United States has seriously affected the import of the iPhone into China. This has raised the price of the iPhone 11 in China by 10% to 12.5% compared with the United States. Second, in recent years, the competitiveness of smartphones launched by Chinese smartphone manufacturers has gradually improved. This has gradually weakened the competitiveness of the iPhone series in the Chinese market.

How Apple Is Going To Fix iPhone Sales Problem?

According to previous leaks, Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone, the SE2, next year, as well as a new 5G-enabled iPhone. The former can mainly occupy the market of third-tier and fourth-tier cities, while the latter can satisfy the first-tier and second-tier cities where 5G networks are gradually beginning to spread.


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