Cheapest Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1 Unboxing

On April 24, Xiaomi released its cheapest sweeping robot, the Mijia sweeping robot G1. It’s capable of sweeping and dragging, and also comes with a triple filter system. The price is 999 yuan ($141).

In terms of appearance, the Mijia sweeping robot G1 continues Mijia’s consistent minimalist design. The 82mm slim body can be flexibly penetrated into the bottom of the bed, sofa, and seat. It is equipped with a bilateral brush, large-diameter suspended suction mouth, and a 200ml electronically controlled water tank.

The Mijia sweeping robot G1 adopts a professional mopping path design, and is equipped with a 200ml intelligent precision electric control water tank and a micro-control water pump. It has 3 gears to accurately control the water output.

The Mijia sweeping robot G1 is equipped with a Japanese NIDEC motor and has a suction power of 2200Pa. It supports 4-stop suction switching, and can clean particles as small as hair, velvet gray, and as large as steel balls and soybeans.

The cleaner also supports smart line planning. Of course, our protagonist supports app remote control, real-time view of cleaning status and path. It can define cleaning area.

At the same time, Mijia sweeping robot G1 supports the voice control through Xiao Ai voice assistant. It can also be linked with an intelligent door lock. So the robot will start sweeping and dragging when you leave home. Once the battery is below 20%, it will automatically recharge.

Now, when you have got acquainted with the key features of this vacuum cleaner, we are offering to take a look at its photos.


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