Honor Smart Screen To Boot Very Quickly Due To No Ads

Honor has previously announced that the Honor Smart Screen will be officially released on August 10. Apart from this statement, the Honor president, Zhao Ming has repeatedly made waves on Weibo. One of them referred to the ads. He said that this product won’t have boot ads. Thus, he once again suggested on Weibo that the TV’s boot speed is very fast.

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Particularly, Zhao Ming said on Weibo: ‘No start-up ads! No boot ads! Look at how long the boot time is. If the boot is very fast, there is no need to show any ads to consumers.’

According to previous reports, the forthcoming Honor Smart Screen will be available in two versions – 55-inch and 55-inch Pro. They should cost more than 5,000 yuan ($720). Both versions are equipped with HONGHU 818 smart chip. The latter comes with a built-in Huawei AI image quality engine, a 7-quality image optimization algorithm, and supports dynamic image quality compensation, high dynamic range imaging, super-division algorithm, noise reduction algorithm, dynamic contrast enhancement, smart precision coloring, and zone control. The Pro version is slightly higher in some configurations.

Zhao Ming had also said on Weibo that the core of the Honor Smart Screen will be the self-developed HONGHU818 chip. Its computing power and decoding capability ensure the performance of the smart screen in terms of picture quality and sound quality. It also uses a lifting AI camera with a HiSilicon NPU chip. Thus, the latter brings not only powerful video communication capabilities but also more features that are worth looking forward to.

In addition, according to some previous official statements, the Honor Smart Screen is likely to be equipped with Huawei’s self-developed Hongmeng operating system. The Honor Smart Screen will be the world’s first product running on Hongmeng system.

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