JMGO U2 Pro Tricolor Laser TV Released: The Future Home Form

On January 12, JMGO projection held the 2021 laser TV new product launch conference with the theme of “Seeing the future sound, hearing the future shape” in Shenzhen. Also, it released the new product JMGO U2 Pro tricolor laser TV.


Laser TV Is The Future

At the press conference, Hu Zhenyu, the founder and CEO of the company, said in his opening speech that laser TV is the future. Nowadays, more and more people have felt the shocking experience of the large screen brought by laser TV. This is not only a larger screen, but also better picture quality, longer life, more environmentally friendly concepts, and even a “home audiovisual revolution”.

Prior to this, JMGO projection released the laser TV U1. The laser TV U1 has gained recognition and feedback from many users in the market. Before the release of the new generation of JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV, JMGO projection carried out a series of feedback adjustments. It continued to adhere to the self-research and production of key components such as the optical machine and lens. After continuous adjustment and creation, the JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV has achieved further development of picture quality, sound quality, and smart experience.


At the press conference, He Yuan, the product director of JMGO projector, gave a series of introductions to the JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV. In its introduction, we learned that the R&D department of JMGO in 2019 comprehensively inspected various light sources when looking for solutions for next-generation laser TVs. He finally found that the light source of three-color laser TVs is currently the narrowest and purest. So in the final product, the JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV uses a pure three-color laser light source.

JMGO U2 Pro TV Color Coverage

On the JMGO U2 Pro TV, its color coverage reaches 114.3% of the industry peak under the BT.2020 standard, and 159% of the DCI-P3 film color standard. In addition, the JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV has also cooperated with Dynaudio to create a purer sound. It has the software blessing of DTS and Dolby Atmos, and has created a design in the body. The brand-new magnetic levitation speaker makes this product even better.

JMGO U2 Pro TV Smart Eyes

In addition to excellent audio and video performance and body design, the JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV has Smart Eyes. Through this function, the JMGO U2 Pro TV can realize the screen without remote control, just use gestures. The “mute, pause, and play” commands that can be issued have opened up a new generation of smart large-screen TVs in the future.

Architect and public artist Liu Haowei said in a speech at the Nuts press conference that Nuts U2 Pro not only has avant-garde and sci-fi shapes. It also looks atmospheric and calm. It is a product that makes people shine in terms of space and future. Form, it can be said that the Nut U2 Pro is a product designed only for tomorrow and facing the future.

Large Screen TVs

In the past two years, the upsurge of large-screen consumption in China’s color TV market has intensified. According to data from Aowei Cloud Network, the average size of color TV shipments in China, North America and Western Europe in 2019 is 50.1 inches, 49.1 inches, and 47 inches. This shows that the trend of large screens in the Chinese market has come to the forefront of the world.

But from the perspective of the three main types of products sold in the market, the main market for LCD TVs and OLED TVs is still 55-65-inch small and medium-sized screens. The cost-effectiveness of products around 100 inches is not obvious. This has provided a good environment for the development of laser TVs. Nuts has created a series of smart projection products with a large screen as the entry point. He Yuan, Director of Projection Products at JMGO, said that large-screen TVs are a trend in the development of color TVs. The demand for home viewing is bound to exceed the upper limit of LCD TV screens. JMGO also firmly believes that the future of the color TV industry is laser TVs.

Home Of The Future

What will the house of the future look like? Hu Zhenyu gave the answer at the press conference. He said that the House of the Future will break the traditional limits. It will break through the past communication methods, and carry the role of connecting multi-dimensional spaces.

Intelligentization is the foundation of the home of the future. The current Internet giants are trying to make voice interactive products such as Tmall Genie and Xiaodu speakers become the gateway to smart homes. It is true that voice is a good way of interaction. But it is relatively inefficient and the throughput of information interaction is limited. It determines that it cannot carry too many functions.

Smart Home With JMGO U2 Pro TV

The JMGO U2 Pro three-color laser TV may become a smart home controller and a laser TV revolutionizer for the fourth screen entrance in addition to smartphones, PCs, and TVs. Based on high-density information interaction, it will create a new smart home in the future. They are solutions to bring people closer to life in the future. Hu Zhenyu believes that in the future, laser TVs will iterate in terms of picture quality, sound quality, and intelligence. The projection box of laser TVs will also become smaller and smaller. Laser TVs are no longer just TVs, but art works at home. And at the press conference, Nuts projection revealed that in 2021, Nuts projection will release more excellent products.

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