Mijia Floor Fan Unboxing: Perfect Product For Summer

Last month, Xiaomi released the Mijia DC Variable Frequency Floor Fan 2 and Mijia Floor Fan. Both models have been welcomed warmly. And it’s not accidental. We mean it’s very hot now, and it’s always nice to get our hands on high-quality and low-cost products. As for now, we are offering to take a look at the standard version, and get acquainted with its key features.

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The Mijia floor fan comes with a number of useful features. Say, it supports dual-use platform (1 meter floor, 64 cm desktop). There are 7 fan blades, and the air volume is up to 9 to 27 square meters per minute. The minimum noise value is 38 decibels. This product has a built-in high-efficiency motor, with a rated power of 32 watts. It also provides a 15 meters air supply.

Mijia Floor Fan

The Mijia floor fan’s air supply angle is 90 degrees (left and right shaking head). It supports 36 degrees of pitch adjustment, intelligent power-off memory, 3 block wind speed adjustment, and sleep wind mode (assisted by high wind volume before falling asleep, automatic reduction of wind speed after falling asleep). The daily electricity bill is as low as 1 cent.

Apart from this, the Mijia floor fan supports XiaoAi voice control (need to be matched with Xiaoai speakers and other voice devices), and the Mijia app remote control. At the same time, IoT devices such as Bluetooth thermometers can be linked to create a smarter life.

The Mijia floor fan has been on sale on May 18, retailing at 219 yuan ($31).

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