Mijia Philips Table Lamp 3

Mijia Philips Table Lamp 3 Is On Sale, Priced At 199 Yuan ($30)

Today, Mijia Philips Table Lamp 3 is officially on sale. The price is 199 yuan ($30).

You can see the success of this table lamp from the iterative numbers. Compared with the previous generation, the latest generation has the same price. But the performance and value are fully upgraded. Specifically, the Mijia Philips table lamp 3 uses a 360° full-degree-of-freedom lamp arm with a thickness of only 1.5 cm. The base is only the size of a palm, and the top is 10 blocks of touch dimming.

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In terms of core functions, it has a high color rendering index, national standard AA level illumination. And the central illuminance can reach 1900lx (average illuminance 700lx in a radius of 30 cm, average illuminance 260lx in a radius of 50cm).

Eye protection

In terms of eye protection, the company claims that it has passed strict inspections by professional institutions, without blue light and video flicker. Under the eye protection mode, it can automatically perceive the changes in the surrounding ambient light. To perceive the changes, the lamp uses Philips’ exclusive gamma function dimming algorithm, non-linear dimming. So, this lamp is more comfortable for the eyes.

Mijia Philips Table Lamp 3

In terms of intelligence, it can realize the voice control of Xiao Ai. And it also supports access to Mijia APP to link smart homes.

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