Mijia Projector Lite 2 Will Start Crowdfunding At 2,199 yuan ($322)

Xiaomi’s new generation of movie-watching product is here. The Mijia Projector Lite 2 will start crowdfunding on Xiaomi Mall tomorrow (September 2). The crowdfunding price is 2,199 yuan ($322) and the retail price is 2,599 yuan ($381).

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During the crowdfunding period, users who bought the Mijia Projector Lite 2 were given a projector desktop stand worth 49 yuan ($7).

Mijia Projector Lite 2

The Mijia Projector Lite 2 continues the exquisite vertical body of 11.5cm × 15cm × 15cm. The front is made of cloth material, which is as beautiful as a work of art. The net weight is only 1.3 kg and can be easily taken with one hand.

The projector comes with a custom-designed cabinet volume and matching caliber. It has an integrated structure of large sound cavity and ultra-long sound tube. So once connected to Bluetooth, it can be used as your high-quality desktop wireless speaker.

Mijia Projector Lite 2 Imaging Features

A 1920×1080 full high-definition (1080P) screen resolution at a 40-200-inch giant screen can be easily projected by adjusting the distance. Watching movies, listening to concerts, playing games, and other operations are realized via one product.

Compared with the traditional three-channel LED projection, the Mijia Projector Lite 2 adds a blue light. Also, the brightness reaches 460 ANSI lumens, the NTSC color gamut is greater than 85%, and it supports HDR10 decoding to bring more realistic colors.

The Mijia Projector Lite 2 uses the principle of diffuse reflection for imaging. The latter is different from the direct light of traditional LCD TVs. The projection light enters the human eye through diffuse reflection, and it is less likely to cause eye fatigue.

The Mijia Projector Lite 2 supports the side projection function. It can be corrected by ±450 trapezoid for left, right, up and down.

It also comes with two highly sensitive microphones. They are combined with anti-noise recognition technology and wake-up technology and special voices for projection scenes. So Xiao Ai can respond immediately.

Mijia Projector Lite 2

As you understand, this Mijia product is deeply linked with Mijia loT. The projector can automatically turn off the lights/curtains when it is turned on, creating a smart viewing environment. The video doorbell can also be linked. When someone rings the doorbell, the doorbell video is automatically played on the projection.

It uses the same MIUl for TV system as the Xiaomi TV. This system includes the massive video resources of Xiaomi Video. The smart MIUI for TV can recommend customized content based on your viewing habits.

Mijia Projector Lite 2

The fuselage carries 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 1 USB2.0 port, 1 headphone port, supports 4K picture input (1080P playback), can match hard disk, game console, microphone, etc., to meet diversified entertainment needs.

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