mijia smart humidifier

Mijia Smart Humidifier Announced At 169 yuan ($24)

Previously, Xiaomi has launched a variety of smart humidifiers, including the Mijia humidifier for 99 yuan ($14), the Mijia smart sterilizing humidifier for 249 yuan ($36), and the Mijia smart sterilizing humidifier S for 299 yuan ($43). Today, the brand new Mijia smart humidifier was released, and it is currently on the Xiaomi store. The price is 169 yuan ($24).

mijia smart humidifier

The Mijia smart humidifier has a smart constant humidity function, which can monitor the humidity in the room in real time, and automatically adjust the amount of fog to maintain the humidity within the set range. The default is constant 60%RH, and the user can use the Mijia App adjust it between 40%RH and 70%RH.

The Mijia smart humidifier has a capacity of 4L, which is equivalent to 8 bottles of 500mL bottled water. It can humidify for 26 hours with one addition of water.

In terms of design, the Mijia smart humidifier continues the friendly design of opening the lid and adding water of the previous generation product. Users do not need to open the water tank. Just open the lid to easily add water. The lower part uses a simple electronic control button. It will operate by pressing the switch and Wi-Fi function. Rotating can switch between 3 levels of fog and constant humidity mode.

The Mijia smart humidifier also supports Mijia app as well as voice control. You can use the Mijia app to control the humidifier at home when you are thousands of miles away. Connect to Xiaoai and you can command the humidifier in one sentence.

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