New Xiaomi Roborock Stone T4 Vac Cleaner Went On Sale

Today, the new sweeping robot, namely Stone T4 was sold at Tmall. The price is 1999 yuan ($290). As you guess, this is the pre-order phase, while the cleaner will go on sale on June 18.

In fact, the Stone T4 cleaner has 10 highlights: LDS global planning, two-year warranty, 2000Pa large suction, 5200mAh large battery, zone cleaning, support for double virtual wall, innovative translucent design, optimization of 3 major noise reduction units, easy-to-clean main brush, and washable filter.

Let’s talk about them separately. The Stone T4 sweeping robot uses a translucent design and uses high-quality components to provide reliable quality. The whole machine has a two-year warranty.

The Stone T4 comes with a built-in high-power fan and streamlined air duct, which brings a powerful suction of 2000Pa. Due to the floating main brush, even the dust in the floor gap can be easily sucked away. The gear design, motor vibration and noise-reducing air screen are also optimized to make the sweeping robot work less quietly. In addition, this vacuum cleaner is packed with a 5200mAh large-capacity battery, which can last 2.5 hours, and can clean 250 square meters.

The Stone T4 can generate and save high-precision maps only after laser scanning, and due to smart path planning, the cleaning efficiency is way higher. It is also possible to set a planning cleaning area and set a target point on the mobile app. This cleaner supports double virtual wall system, away from restricted areas such as flower pots and ornaments. Users can also upgrade their cleaners OTA to make the sweeping robot smarter.

In terms of voice control, you can switch the cleaning mode or ask for power through Xiao Ai, and you can also control it through the Tmall Elf voice assistant.

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