Xiaomi water purifier

New Xiaomi Water Purifier Appeared On Stores

Aowei data shows that the cumulative online sales and sales volume of Xiaomi water purifier products from January to June 2020 are both the first.

The first Xiaomi water purifier came out in 2015. The first model for kitchens was launched at a price of only 1,299 yuan ($194). In the past 5 years, Xiaomi water purifiers from 400G, 500G, 600G to 800G (released in November 2019) can output more than 2L of water per minute. For water purification products, Xiaomi has promoted the rapid popularization of domestic 400G products to a certain extent.

On October 18, Zhimi Company (a Xiaomi subsidiary) announced that the Mi Water Purifier H400G will go on pre-sale at Xiaomi Mall/Xiaomi Home/JD.com/Tmall on October 21 (next Wednesday).

The biggest feature of the new product is the use of dual-filter element 6-stage filtration. This is also the first dual-filter element 6-stage filtration water purifier of Xiaomi to create healthy drinking water.

At present, Xiaomi has launched more than 10 types of water purifier products. They generally use 4-stage filtration. Some enhanced products use 2-core 5-stage filtration.

The previous 5-stage filter elements are: foldable PP, front carbon rod + scale inhibitor, RO reverse osmosis, and rear carbon rod. The filtered water has reached the level of packaged drinking water, which is more suitable for tea, soup, and cooking.

The current Xiaomi water purifier 400G enhanced version costs 1,499 yuan ($224). And the price of the new product should be above it. Anyways, Xiaomi has been focusing on this niche for a long time. And we are sure the new product will be another cost-effective model.

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