Redmi Smart TV

Redmi Smart TV Poster Reveals Some Design Elements

Yesterday, we have been talking about a new Redmi product with a larger screen. And we have had guesses the company hinted at the new Redmi Smart TV. Today, the manufacturer released a new poster, confirming our assumptions.

Redmi Smart TV

The slogan of the new Redmi Smart TV product is ‘again, an eye-opener’. At the same time, from the relevant introductions and posters given by the company, we can see the Redmi Smart TV is expected to use a wider screen size. Judging from the pictures, the four borders of the Redmi Smart TV are ultra-narrow. And the “Redmi” logo is retained in the center of the bottom border. The overall design is simple. The screen size of the new Redmi smart TV is expected to be more than 70 inches, which may be 75 inches. Also, considering that the 70-inch Redmi smart TV uses a 4K HDR display, it is speculated that the new product should not run with 4K resolution.

Redmi previously launched the Redmi TV 40 / 70-inch. The 40-inch version is equipped with a 1920 × 1080 resolution screen, an Amlogic processor, 1GB memory and 8GB flash memory, 2 8W speakers, and a PatchWall artificial intelligence TV system. The 70-inch version comes with independent cavity speakers, Amlogic quad-core 64-bit processor, 2GB memory + 16GB flash memory, built-in Xiaoai voice assistant, and supports smartphone code scanning and quick projection.

Redmi TVs currently on sale at Xiaomi Mall are available at 3,199 yuan and 899 yuan ($451 and $127).

The new Redmi Smart TV will be officially unveiled at the K30 Pro conference on March 24.

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