Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 Review

On April 1, Stone Technology officially launched the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6, which is the first self-branded handheld vacuum cleaner product launched by Stone Technology. It also means that Stone Technology officially entered the handheld vacuum cleaner market.

However, Stone Technology is no stranger to us. In the early years, they produced Mijia sweeping robots, and subsequently released excellent sweeping robot products such as T4 and T6. In just a few years, Stone Technology has become a leading domestic sweeping robot brand in the market.

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The Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 is Stone Technology’s second-largest product category in addition to sweeping robots. H6 claims to be the world’s first handheld wireless vacuum cleaner using polymer lithium batteries. It has 150AW high suction power, OLED display, and so on.

Design and accessories

The packaging of the Stone wireless vacuum cleaner H6 is huge. In addition to the product itself, the package also comes with a wealth of accessories such as brush heads and floor charging brackets.

H6’s brush head and other accessories are designed with flexible bayonet, which can be installed and removed in one second. This is very convenient.

Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6

The floor charging stand can store the host and accessories at the same time, and the host can be charged on the charging stand. So it is full of power every time it is picked up. Of course, if you think the floor charging stand is too space-consuming, you can also choose to hang it. As shown in the figure below, the left side is a floor stand, and the right side is a wall hanging.

Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6

The size of the H6 main unit of the stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is 284mm × 111mm × 221mm, the weight is 1.43kg, and the dust bucket capacity is 400ml.

The product is dominated by a large area of ​​technical gray color. The transparent process is used in the middle of the fuselage to externalize the internal structure. The interior of the dust bucket and the filter system on the top are decorated with red, making the product texture stronger.

Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6

The H6 is equipped with vector frequency conversion motor, with 150AW suction power and vacuum suction up to 25000Pa. In addition, the product also supports rapid start and stop. The company stated that the filtration efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99.97%, which locks in pollutants that are 8 times smaller than PM2.5.

Above the handle is an OLED display, which can display the power, wind speed, cleaning mode, working status, etc. When the filter needs to be cleaned, the OLED screen can intelligently remind and demonstrate the maintenance method.

It is worth mentioning that when you turn on the H6 and work for a period of time, this OLED display can also display the estimated usage time of the product’s power to help users better plan cleaning.

The H6 uses a trigger switch, which can quickly turn on and off the device without changing the holding posture. The circle button on the side of the fuselage is the lock button. After locking, the trigger can be released to continue working.

Just behind the position of the handle, there is a gear cut button. Short press can switch the working position of the vacuum cleaner.

The three buttons on the fuselage are designed to be operable with one hand. Even when the user is cleaning, he/she can easily control each button with one hand.

The button with the trash logo on the picture above is the dust switch. Press down to dump the dust.

The biggest configuration highlight of H6 is the use of power polymer batteries. Compared with the cylindrical lithium batteries commonly used in similar products, polymer batteries have the advantages of long battery life and light weight. Because of this, the Stone Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 can work up to 90 minutes after being fully charged (power saving mode), and the battery life in standard mode is 45 minutes.

In addition to the charging via the floor stand described above, there is also a 25.6V charging socket at the rear of the battery compartment of the H6 host. It can directly supply power to the product.

The H6 main unit adopts a detachable design, including the filter on the top of the fuselage, the cyclone component and the transparent dust bucket for the fuselage. The latter can be disassembled and cleaned by the switch. The filter and cyclone component can also be cleaned by cold water.

Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6
Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6

According to official information, the H6 filter system is divided into 5 layers. The inhaled air passes through the first-level dust barrel cyclone, stainless steel primary filter, second-level multi-cone cyclone, built-in filter cotton filter and rear HEPA filter, respectively filtering different diameters. The filtering efficiency of the whole machine can reach more than 99.97%.

The dust bucket is also detachable. Press and hold the disassembly switch at the bottom to remove the dust bucket and cyclone assembly for cleaning.

The weight of the Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 is 1.43Kg. So the weight control is relatively excellent. With the ergonomic design of the battery rear, ordinary users will not feel too tired when holding it for a long time.

In terms of brush heads, the H6 is equipped with four types of gap cleaning tips, bed mite removal tips, brush tips, and full-effect adaptive brush tips. In addition, the H6 also comes with 6 times telescopic hose. Say the bed bottom, table bottom, or car sewing can be cleaned with brush suction head.

Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 Cleaning and experience

The working principle of the wireless vacuum cleaner is similar to the working principle of the sweeping robot. It has a high-speed operation of the motor to form a vacuum negative pressure area inside the fuselage, thereby generating suction to suck the garbage. Since it is ‘sucking’, it certainly cannot avoid noise. In fact, noise is always the link that most affects the overall experience of the product. But it is also often the most easily overlooked by consumers.

In order to improve the comfort during use, Stone Technology has created a cyclone noise reduction cavity designed for the H6 unique grille. It can effectively reduce the sound of the air flow and absorb high-frequency noise. The H6 has three working modes: energy saving, standard and strong. Each mode will produce a certain amount of noise when working. W’ve tested the noise generated by the three modes through a decibel meter.

The decibel meter is located about 10-15cm above the H6, and measures 84.1 decibels, 87.2 decibels, and 94.5 decibels in a quiet office environment.

In fact, in the working environment, the human ear will be at least half a meter away from the product. So the sound actually heard is slightly lower than that measured by the decibel meter.

However, no matter what kind of gear, the H6 will inevitably produce a certain amount of noise when working. The noise generated in the standard mode is close to the noise generated by the 1600w hair dryer during operation. It is still acceptable. You can feel the body in the strong mode. The internal motor speed is significantly increased and more rapid. So this mode is more suitable for working in the daytime or when there is no one at home.

We used a brush tip to clean the keyboard. It should be noted that the mechanical keyboard has been used for more than three years. In more than three years, the user has never actively cleaned the keyboard. After opening the keyboard, the scene in front of us really could not bear to look directly, all kinds of dandruff and dust almost covered inside of the keyboard. H6 brushes off the dust and dust inside the keyboard through the brush suction head. At the same time, the suction generated by the device instantly absorbs the garbage into the dust box, and the keyboard can be cleaned by brushing back and forth 4-5 times.

Comparison before and after cleaning

With the help of the brush tip, the H6 also has a good cleaning effect on the fine plush carpet surface.

We have also tested the cleaning power and suction power of H6 through the withered petals and sand. Here we use the floor brush suction head.

The floor brush suction head is equipped with a high-torque planetary gear reducer. It is suitable for most floors, floor tiles, floor mats, and short-hair carpets. At the same time, the soft-fleece roller does not entangle the hair and can achieve deep cleaning.

As shown in the picture below, whether it is petals or sand, it can be cleaned up and down once.

With the help of 6 times telescopic hoses and gap cleaning tips, you can also clean the interior of the car, such as the sides and underside of the seat, the gaps in the center console, etc.

In life, bedding and sheets are particularly prone to breeding mites, even if you think your quilt is clean enough. In fact, these mites are invisible to the naked eye, but they are everywhere. Cleaning the quilt is too troublesome.

The H6 + mattress de-mite suction head can solve this problem well. The H6 de-mite suction head is suitable for bed sheets, pillows, bedding, etc. The powerful suction can penetrate the deep fibers of the mattress, effectively absorb the mattress, dust mites on pillows and sofas. The company said that the mite removal rate is as high as 99.9%, and can also effectively remove pollen, cat and dog dander allergens.

After we took the H6 home, we removed the mites on the bedding that had not been cleaned for more than two months, and turned on the strong mode to clean the front and back of the quilt. It took about 5 minutes and consumed 60% of the electricity. Dust mites are completely invisible to the naked eye. So you can’t immediately see the cleaning effect during the cleaning process. But the transparent dust bucket will not tell lies-after cleaning. There is a layer of gray in the dust bucket. In fact, these are dander, fluff, and mites that you simply can’t detect in your daily life, and the de-mite effect is really visible.


All in all, the Stone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner H6 is a handy vacuum cleaner device with a good price, excellent design, powerful configuration and rich functions. The current vacuum cleaner market is still very immature. Polarization is serious. Low-cost products often have low performance and low design. Information asymmetry is very common. However, the price of wireless vacuum cleaner products with high performance and excellent design is very high. So many new buyers are discouraged. The handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 launched by Stone Technology can be said to fill this gap very well. It has excellent design and performance experience, and the price is also easy to accept. If you have the intention to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner, the Stone handheld vacuum cleaner H6 will be a good choice.

The crowdfunding price is 2699 yuan ($380), .

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