Trifo Max sweeping robot

Trifo Max Sweeping Robot Focuses On Visual Voice

Recently, the Trifo Max sweeping robot appeared on This machine is a new AI visual voice sweeping robot, owned by Trifo. We have got this new product, and here is a tushang for everyone.

Trifo is a Silicon Valley AI home robot company. Trifo company founded in 2016, focuses on home appliances. Compony helping users to streamline efficient, fun and fun home environment interaction and management. On January 6, Trifo company announced, that it had completed nearly $ 10 mln financings for Series B1.

Trifo Max sweeping robot

The Trifo Max sweeping robot’s biggest feature of Trifo Max is that it focuses on visual voice. The device camera is submerged in the fuselage subtly, without affecting the thickness of the fuselage. This camera of the sweeping robot shoulders the heavy task of visual navigation. The machine users can also watch the pictures taken by the camera in real-time through the APP. This product supports screenshot recording and initiates voice intercom.

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Trifo Max sweeping robot

It uses a visual navigation system to cut off the raised part on top of a regular cleaning robot. The height of the fuselage of the smart robot is only 8.4cm. As a result, it can climb to the bed and sofa without obstruction to clean.

The Trifo Max sweeping robot comes with 28 groups of sensors in 10 categories. The machine can detect the environment without dead corners, support fall prevention, and reach distances of up to 2 cm.

Trifo Max sweeping robot

Trifo Max suction has reached 3000Pa, which can be said to be very rare at the price of 1400 yuan. The battery capacity is 5200mAh, which can handle large-scale cleaning work.


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