Viomi Internet Electric Water Heater C1 2020 Released

On August 24, Xiaomi launched the Viomi Internet electric water heater C1 2020. It is currently on the shelves of Xiaomi Youpin. It will start shipping on August 25. The original price of 50L is 1199 yuan ($173), and the pre-sale price is 849 yuan ($123).

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The Viomi Internet electric water heater C1 2020 adopts first-class energy efficiency, with 3000W dual-tube rapid heating, Mijia app control and other highlights, it meets the hot water needs of the whole family.

Viomi Internet electric water heater C1 2020

It adopts 1000W+2000W double submersible heating tube. The thermal contact area is larger than that of single tube heating. Therefore, the heating efficiency is faster, and the user’s waiting time is shortened.

In addition, the cold water is poured downward through the water inlet, forming a laminar flow at the bottom. This has a weak influence on the upper layer of hot water and will not cause sudden cold and hot.

The smartphone app activates the high temperature antibacterial mode. The water temperature reaches up to 80℃, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in the inner bladder. By the way, the antibacterial rate is as high as 99.9%.

Safety is a major selling point of electric water heaters. The electrical protection wall increases the resistance between people and water. Once there is a leakage, the electrical protection wall will reduce the water current to 1.5mA, which is much lower than the safe current 10mA to avoid electric shock accidents.

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