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Xiaomi Full-screen TV 43-inch E43K Priced at Only 1099 yuan ($154)

The ultra-low price, abundant resources, ecological interconnection, and the sea of ​​tactics have made the Xiaomi TV grow rapidly in the past two years and become the first brand in China. It is also gaining popularity in other markets. But there, it’s not as popular as in China.

Now, Xiaomi continues to work hard, while preparing a variety of Redmi TVs, it is also quietly laying out the new Xiaomi full-screen TV. The latest one is the Xiaomi full-screen TV 43-inch E43K, priced at only 1099 yuan ($154).

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In fact, there are many models of 43-inch Xiaomi full-screen TV, including the E43X, E43C, and E43A. But the highest price is 1199 yuan ($168).

The E43K is 100 yuan cheaper this time, mainly because the Bluetooth function is cut off, and the infrared remote control is standard. Thus, it doesn’t come with a voice Bluetooth remote control. Other configurations are basically the same, and the product size is slightly different.

The Xiaomi full-screen TV 43-inch E43K screen resolution is 1920×1080. It also uses a borderless design to bring better immersion. The screen uses a new generation of adhesives. So the screen is firmly bonded to the structural components.

This TV comes with a 64-bit dual-core processor, 1GB + 8GB storage space, supports wireless projection, DTS decoding, and has a built-in PatchWall artificial intelligence TV system.

Apart from this, we have got an interesting news concerning the Redmi smart TV. Today, Lu Weibing, said that ordinary TV viewing high-speed pictures, due to insufficient video frames, will inevitably encounter ghosting and trailing and other issues. The Redmi Smart TV X series will be equipped with MEMC motion compensation technology and support 60Hz smart compensation algorithm.

Redmi smart TV X

This TV is going to hit the market on May 6 along with the Redmi 10X. The Redmi Smart TV X series will include X65, X55, and X50 three new products.

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