Xiaomi energy-efficient vertical air conditioner

Xiaomi Gigantic Vertical Air Conditioner Released

Recently, Xiaomi launched a number of new three-level energy-efficient air conditioners, including the one-hp and 1.5-hp air conditioners. In addition, Xiaomi also launched a new three-level air conditioner. The energy-efficient vertical air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 2 horses, and the price is 3699 yuan ($542).

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Xiaomi’s new three-level energy efficiency vertical air conditioner adopts a cylindrical compact body design with a hidden touch panel on the top. The applicable area is 20-30 square meters, and the circulating air volume is 1000m³/h. The fan and air duct use an optimized design. The noise is as low as 33dB(A).

Xiaomi energy-efficient vertical air conditioner

Xiaomi’s new three-level energy-efficient vertical air conditioner is equipped with an antibacterial and anti-mildew filter. And the fins are automatically cleaned when dirty or blocked. It also supports Mijia app remote start. Plus, this product supports Xiao Ai voice assistant. So you can control it via voice commands.

It uses a DC inverter compressor with an APF value of 3.7, which is higher than the national standard of 3.5. Compared with the old standard of 3.3, it can save electricity by 4.9% a year.

Xiaomi Vertical Air Conditioner Design

In terms of design, the overall cylindrical compact body design takes up less space in the living room. It comes with a 94cm vertical air outlet. And there is an LCD screen above the air outlet, which supports touch control.

In July this year, the most stringent “New Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning” standards in history (GB21455-2019 “Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Ratings of Room Air Conditioners”) was officially released.

The biggest change in the new national standard is that it no longer sets up separate assessment systems for fixed frequency and inverter air conditioners. Instead, it combines the energy efficiency levels of fixed frequency and inverter air conditioners from the original three to five.

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