Xiaomi Launched Mijia Cross Four-Door Refrigerator 496L

Today, Xiaomi released the new Mijia Cross four-door refrigerator 496L, with first-class energy efficiency, independent exclusive variable temperature storage, silver ion antibacterial and other selling points. It will go on sale on April 24 at a price of 3999 yuan ($616).

Mijia Cross four-door refrigerator 496L

Its 496L large capacity includes a 316L refrigerator compartment and a 162L freezer compartment, as well as an 18L independent variable greenhouse, which can easily fit the needs of the whole family.

The refrigerator is 833mm wide and 660mm thick. It supports 90° right-angle opening. Even if it is placed against the wall, the drawer can be pulled out directly, making it easy to fetch objects smoothly. It has a Morandi gray satin brocade panel, passed a 6-layer process, and it is wear-resistant and has an anti-fingerprint coating.

Mijia Cross four-door refrigerator 496L

It supports silver ion antibacterial feature. The antibacterial rate is 99.9%, and the net taste rate is 98.7%.

The refrigerating room adopts a full-width air supply back panel, 9 air outlets, 360° surrounding three-dimensional air supply, refrigeration without frost. At the same time, the fruits and vegetables are not air-dried to keep them fresh for a long time.

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The Mijia Cross Four-door Refrigerator 496L has four operating modes: smart, holiday, quick cooling, and quick freezing. The independent exclusive temperature-changing cabin supports three temperature modes adjustable, and the exclusive temperature can be set according to the requirements of food storage.

Mijia Cross four-door refrigerator 496L

In terms of performance, it is equipped with a first-level energy-efficient double-frequency conversion motor, which consumes only 0.83 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, while achieving 38dB low noise.

As for intelligence, the Mijia Cross Four-door Refrigerator 496L naturally supports the Mijia app remote control, the refrigerator status can be controlled with one hand, and it also supports the voice control of Xiao Ai.

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