Xiaomi Launched New Mijia Screen Display Switch

Xiaomi has launched a new Mijia screen display switch, which supports the connection of Xiaoai voice assistant and mobile phone remote control. The retail price of single billing control is 109 yuan ($17), the crowdfunding price is 99 yuan ($15); the retail price of dual billing control is 129 yuan ($20), the crowdfunding price is 109 yuan ($$17).

Mijia screen display switch

Xiaomi Mijia’s on-screen display switch has two different buttons for single billing control and double billing control. Smart scenes such as remote switch lights, voice control switch lights, and home lights can be realized without wiring and replacing lamps.

The Mijia screen display switch has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor that can display the temperature and humidity, date and time, and outdoor weather of the room where the switch is located. It can also be connected to the Mijia app to link indoor air conditioners and humidifiers.

In addition, with the help of the Mijia on-screen display switch, users can control the lights on and off through the Xiao Ai, and also check the status control switch operation through the Mijia app.

The on-screen display switch of Xiaomi Mijia can view the device status through the mobile phone, and can also access products with built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway function to realize remote viewing status, receiving switch notifications, and linkage with other smart products.

Mijia screen display switch

It’s a very useful product coming our way from Xiaomi / Mijia. But we should also say that this is just a mix of the switch and humidity sensor.

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