OCooker mini electric oven

Xiaomi Launched OCooker Mini Electric Oven At 219 Yuan

Today, a Xiaomi eco-chain company launched the OCooker mini electric oven, which is now available on Xiaomi Youpin. The price is 219 yuan ($31).

The OCooker mini electric oven has a 12L mini-capacity. The upper and lower double-layer S-shaped stainless steel metal heating tubes are designed to uniformly generate heat and last long. It can easily control the roasting color of food and help you to bake a crispy skin and a soft inside.

According to the needs of baked food and taste, users can adjust the knob to select the temperature and duration to achieve a variety of taste. Selecting the temperature can also trigger the corresponding fermentation, thawing, and disinfection functions.

In terms of appearance, the OCooker mini electric oven adopts a simple and elegant white tone, and is equipped with a mirror tempered glass door. It is explosion-proof, durable, high temperature resistant, and very beautiful.

The surface is made of high-temperature frosted paint. There are multiple heat dissipation holes on the side and back, which can reasonably control the temperature inside the box and dissipate heat.

The inner liner, baking pan and grill of the mini kitchen oven are made of food-contact materials. All accessories have passed environmental protection certification, comply with national food safety standards and corresponding electrical safety standards. Of course, they are more resistant to corrosion and durable.

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Xiaomi has been always paying much attention to all niches. Kitchen is no exception. Previously, it has released a couple of induction cookers. And this time, it decided to come in with more traditional product.

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