Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

Xiaomi Launches Mijia Desktop Air Purifier At Price Of 399 Yuan ($60)

For the air purification of personal private space, Xiaomi launched the Mijia desktop air purifier. Compared with the traditional air purifier, the machine is compact and can be placed on the desk. The official price is 399 yuan ($60), and the crowdfunding price is 349 yuan ($53).

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The Mijia desktop air purifier uses a front wide-angle air outlet to cover the facial breathing area. It also supports up and down rotation to adjust the angle. It can be adjusted according to the user’s sitting height to ensure that the clean air can be sent directly to the front and accurately purify the personal breathing circle.

At the same time, the Mijia desktop air purifier can preset a comfortable air volume of 4 blocks. The wind feels soft, and there is no obvious discomfort when blowing directly on the nose and mouth. It comes with an optimized air duct, reducing the running wind noise.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

The magnetic induction cover is used for easy removal and replacement of the filter element. The device will automatically stop running when it senses that the cover is clear.

In addition, the Mijia desktop air purifier also has a good cleaning ability against common pollutants in the office. The filtration system uses a high-precision filter. It can filter 99.6% of particles with a particle size of 0.3μm or more. It can deal with PM2.5, pollen allergens, dust, second-hand smoke and other pollutants in the office air.

In addition, antibacterial and antiviral coatings are to inactivate some common bacteria and viruses. The inactivation rate of bacteria and viruses can reach 99.99%. It can avoid secondary pollution of the air by filtered viruses and bacteria, and reducing the risk of infection for office workers during the flu season.

Mijia Desktop Air Purifier

It adsorbs formaldehyde molecules through high-quality activated carbon, which also purifies some odors and provides air cleanliness.

At the same time, the Mijia desktop air purifier supports Wi-Fi to connect to the Mijia app. You can know the life of the filter element at any time, and can also remotely control and switch the purifier. If you forget to turn off the air purifier after work, you can turn it off through the phone.

At the same time, it supports linkage with other Mijia smart devices. At last, it supports Xiao Ai voice control.

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