Xiaomi Launches New Crowdfunding for Mijia Electric Screwdriver

There are brands that whatever they make become a bestseller or win myriads of awards. When it comes to Xiaomi, its products do both. This is especially true for Mijia. Initially, it has been making only a few types of products. But now, in its assortment, you can find anything that comes to your mind. Say, previously, Xiaomi has launched a few screwdrivers via its sub-brand Wiha. They were designed so attentively that managed to win German iF design awards. Now it’s the turn of Mijia. Today, the manufacturer announced a new crowdfunding project for the Mijia electric screwdriver. It will go live at 10 am on July 17. The crowdfunding price is 159 yuan ($23).

According to the official introduction, the Mijia electric screwdriver adopts an integrated screw-less design, which is beautiful and reliable. It is made of high-quality engineering plastic material. Also, our protagonist comes with an innovative integrated structure, warm texture, comfortable grip, stain resistance, and corrosion resistance.

It offers a three-speed reversing knob for easy operation with one hand while reducing the possibility of accidental touches while working.

The Mijia electric screwdriver contains 12 high-quality S2 alloy steel bits. The high precision bits are hard but not brittle, tough but not soft. Use them with 60mm additional extension rods for narrower or poorly visible spaces to meet most of the home use scenarios.

More importantly, it has a built-in strong magnetic motor, full metal gearbox, providing 5N.m strong torque. It can be easily used for the installation of lamps, electrical appliances, etc. without effort.

At the same time, the Mijia electric screwdriver is equipped with a 2000mAh large battery. With full power, it can screw to about 180pcs. There is a USB Type-C charging port.


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