Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock with fingerprint sensor and NFC For $275.99(Coupon)

Xiaomi offers a variety of home-based technology solutions through its partner Mijia. The portfolio of various products also includes a handy,  intelligent NFC lock and fingerprint reader. Now you can buy it at a lower price with a discount coupon.

High-security fingerprint reader

You can also use the smart lock to secure your home. The Xiaomi Mijia will offer you an intelligent locking system, 3D fingerprint capture, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and 6 additional security options, including a code number.

The manufacturer promises up to 98.7% accuracy of fingerprint recognition . The sensor itself is additionally covered with sapphire glass with a hardness of 9H.

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The sensor uses scanning algorithms from the world-renowned Swedish company Precise Biometrics , which are also used in the financial sector. Security is therefore at a high level.

A one-time password can be created remotely


The lock supports 6-10 digit passwords and even remotely creates a one-time password via a smartphone that is erased after a single use. Perfect if you want to let your neighbor, for example, take over your courier package.

In addition, it is possible to create a temporary time password that is only accessible at a predetermined time. For example, at 14:00, when the babysitter comes home from school with the children.

This password is still stored in the lock and you do not need to create new ones regularly. The advantage is that at another time no one can get into the apartment with this password.

Unlock your watch or smartphone

Another unlock option is to use the built-in NFC chip . It opens the possibilities of contactless unlocking with a smart watch, Mi Band 4 NFC bracelet or a smartphone.

In addition to all these smart unlock / lock options, an old, proven key unlock method is also available . This lock is more an emergency option, but it is certainly important to have it.

The manufacturer has in mind three categories of security lock, while the model meets the highest C-category, so unwanted penetration through the lock is demanding and takes significantly more time.

Xiaomi has developed a special Mijia Bluetooth chip for this lock , which uses secure encrypted communication with the smartphone. In addition, the lock can also be link to the XiaoAI Smart Assistant.

The mobile app provides complete user and lock access management , security type settings, and even sounds. Of course there is a detailed history of unlocking / locking the lock with the possibility of sending notifications directly to the smartphone. The application is available in English.

The lock can even be connect to other smart home devices from Xiaomi. Just plug it into the Xiaomi Gateway and, for example, the light comes on automatically when you arrive home in the evening. After leaving the apartment can start a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The device is power by 8 x AA batteries with a battery life of up to 18 months, and in case of emergency is also available via a USB connector. The lock survives ambient temperatures from -25 to + 50 ° C.

It is suitable for right-hand and left-hand doors and its dimensions are 365.5 mm in height, 75.6 mm in width and 24.5 mm thick.

Where To buy The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock with fingerprint sensor and NFC

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock with fingerprint sensor and NFC is currently available on Geekbuying for $275.99 using the coupon code below and on Banggood for $379.90

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