Xiaomi New Flagship Router

Xiaomi New Flagship Router Release Date Announced September 17

Xiaomi Xiaomi New Flagship Routerofficial just announced that Xiaomi New Flagship Router, see you on September 17. From the poster point of view, Xiaomi’s upcoming wireless dual-band concurrent speed reached 2100Mbps, which may be based on 802.11ac or 802.11ax. There is no more information about the router.

In July, Xiaomi pushed the system update to the millet router Mesh (D01). The main upgrade content is to support IPV6. The Millet Router Mesh is a Wi-Fi system that can handle a variety of home environments. It consists of two routers, not a mother, and Xiaomi says that Mesh can purchase two sets, so that four sets can be used together. Mesh has 4 independent amplifiers, which can transmit signals farther and have better wall penetration.

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