Xiaomi Released Mijia Three-door Refrigerator 215L

Today, on June 1, the Mijia three-door refrigerator 215L was officially launched. It comes with three-door three-temperature zone, borderless door body, quiet and low energy consumption, European wide door design and other features. The original price is 1499 yuan ($210), but the starting price is 999 yuan ($140). So this is the cheapest three-door refrigerator of Xiaomi.

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The Mijia three-door refrigerator 215L has a maximum width of 514mm and a depth of 582mm. It supports 90° door opening. This product is suitable for small spaces such as small kitchen corners. It is suitable for single-living persons and young couples.

In terms of internal space, a three-temperature zone structure is designed according to different living habits and scenarios. This refrigerator provides a 127L refrigerated preservation, 30L mid-door soft freezing, and 58L refrigerated preservation to meet the needs of daily freshness, short-term refrigeration, and long-term freezing.

The Mijia three-door refrigerator 215L adopts the first-line brand Jiaxi Bella compressor. By the way, the latter is highly efficient in cooling and consumes only 0.66 degrees per day. The operating noise is as low as 38 decibels. As you understand, this is far below the national standard for refrigerator noise.

It also supports the low temperature compensation function. When the ambient temperature is too low, turn on the low temperature compensation switch, and the harsh environment will not affect the freshness of the ingredients.

Generally, recently, Xiaomi launched a few refrigerators for various customers. And as said, this is the cheapest one. But if you want anything better, there are many models you can choose from.


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