Mijia Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Released Mijia Vacuum Cleaner At 199 Yuan ($30)

On November 19, while bringing the 499-yuan Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Lite, Xiaomi also released its first corded vacuum cleaner. It’s called the Mijia Vacuum Cleaner. The latter comes for only 199 yuan ($30).

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This vacuum cleaner has the selling points of 16kPa high suction power, smooth air duct, lightweight host, slim rotatable floor brush, triple high-efficiency filtration, and multi-scene use.

Mijia Vacuum Cleaner

The Mijia vacuum cleaner introduces a high-speed vacuum motor, which can generate 16kPa suction power. Also, it comes with a smooth air duct design to efficiently absorb all kinds of dust in daily life.

The main unit is as light as 1.54Kg, which is approximately equal to the weight of 3 bottles of 500ml bottled water. We mean it’s quite convenient for cleaning ceilings, air conditioners and other high places.

Mijia Vacuum Cleaner

The floor brush is as thin as 4cm, and at the same time, it can be flexibly rotated. So it can easily reach into the bottom of various beds, sofas and other household bottoms to clean, without having to move heavy furniture.

The suction mouth of the floor brush is 240mm wide, and the open design is not hair-entangled. It is suitable for wooden floors/carpets/floor tiles.

The cyclone separates the dust and gas, and then passes through a three-fold filtration system consisting of a pinhole stainless steel filter screen, a high-efficiency HEPA filter element, and filter cotton. The pinhole stainless steel filter, HEPA filter, and filter cotton can all be removed for cleaning.

Our protagonist also comes with a wall-mounted storage rack, which can be stored with one click.

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