8H Smart Electric Bed PRO

Xiaomi Starts Crowdfunding Of The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro

Today, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded the 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro. The bed features a hard spring mattress, an upgraded four-motor high configuration, and five modes of angle adjustment. The crowdfunding price starts at 4,899 yuan ($733). We expected it to be shipped before December 1.

The product sports a rigid spring mattress, intelligent voice control, and is complemented by a high leg design. The 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro uses an innovative spring mattress made of solid materials that match the sleeping habits of many people.


It provides different support for different parts of the body, creating ideal pressure and position in different places. In addition, the 8H Milan Intelligent Electric Bed Pro supports three intelligent control modes.

8H Smart Electric Bed PRO

You can set the 8H intelligent electric bed according to ergonomic principles to adjust different angles of the head, lumbar spine, knees, etc. The lifting dual partition can achieve 60 degrees of back and 40 degrees of legs. It can also hover at any angle.

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In addition, the 8H Smart Electric Bed PRO completes the combination of hard spring mattresses and smart electric mattresses. At the same time, it adopts a simple six-legged design. The sweeping robot can enter and exit freely.

This 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed PRO is a crowdfunding product starting at RMB 4,899. It is available in gray-blue and orange colors. You can also connect the smart bed with Mijia app. So you can adjust the mattress through the app. With the remote control, Mijia app, and Xiao Ai voice assistant, you can control the mattress according to your preference. The new Xiaomi 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro supports reading mode, snoring mode, flat-lying mode, zero-gravity mode, and TV mode.

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