Xiaomi TV Pro Chip, Amlogic T972 Advantages Explained

Today, Xiaomi TV officially explained the Xiaome TV Pro and the 12nm process technology TV chip, namely the Amlogic T972. The company said it has a total of four ‘killer’ advantages.

The Amlogic T972 chip uses a quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture. The CPU is clocked at up to 1.9GHz. Compared with the previous generation’s 1.5GHz clock speed, the T962 performance is increased by 63%. At the same time, the Amlogic T972 integrates about 1.5 billion transistors, which is about three times as many as the previous generation. In terms of graphics, the GPU was upgraded from Mali 450 to Mali-G31. The latter now supports the latest OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 APIs.

Xiaomi TV Pro

The Amlogic T972 uses a 12nm FinFet (Fin Field Effect) 3D transistor technology. This significantly increases operating speed while reducing power consumption by 55% compared to the previous generation of 28nm process technology with a planar structure.

Moreover, this chip supports 8K (7680×4320) 10bit YUV4:2:0 high dynamic HDR format video decoding. The color level of each color channel is increased from 256 levels of 8 bits to 1024 levels of 10 bits.

In addition, the Amlogic T972 chip also has a ninth-generation image quality engine, which enhances the display of Xiaomi TV Pro. There are three main functions: Local Contrast pixel-level contrast, 3D-LUT color master and 3D-DNR+SNR noise reduction.

Xiaomi TV Pro Features

Generally, Xiaomi has renewed its smart TV line recently, introducing three models with 43″, 55″ and 65″ diagonals. These are high-end – products made with the right amount of attention to the choice of materials – for example, the aluminum alloy frame, the back with the carbon fiber finish, the metal base, and the panel enclosed in thin frames have been highlighted which allow it to reach a screen ratio of up to 97%.

They all come with 4K UHD panels and support 8K video playback. The audio sector boasts the Dolby Audio and DTS HD support. While among the smart features there is the Xiao AI digital assistant. And the possibility of managing IoT devices. The TVs has WiFi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and Bluetooth support. Alongside with 3 HDMI ports (one with ARC support) and 2 USB and Ethernet ports.

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