Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Version Announced

Today, Xiaomi launched the enhanced version of its much popular Xiaoai Speaker Play. The new product pre-sale price is 129 yuan ($20).

The enhanced version of the Xiaoai Speaker Play continues the vertical design of the previous generation, and currently only has a black one. The lower part has a four-sided hollow design, which is convenient for sound output, and on the front of the upper part, we can find the hidden LED screen, which is completely integrated with the body when the screen is off.

The new product adds an LED clock display function to smart device control, QQ music massive library, massive high-quality audiobooks, and other selling points. It is not only a smart speaker, but also a bedside alarm clock.

The LED clock brightness is adaptively adjusted. You can set alarms, set reminders, and countdown by voice. The music alarm clock can freely set up songs, singers, and collection playlists.

In terms of sound quality, the enhanced version of the Xiaoai Speaker Play uses a 360° sound guide cone design and an innovative cavity design to create a full and delicate sound, which is suitable for placement in the home.

At the same time, it is also a smart speaker that can remotely control traditional home appliances. It has a built-in infrared emission module and voice control of 6000+ brands of traditional home appliances. So you can control them in one sentence.

In terms of audio content, this speaker can automatically synchronize your QQ music green diamond and favorite playlists. You can listen to the music you like.

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