Xiaomi Youpin Launched Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover

Earlier today, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Pro-H version of Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover in crowdfunding at a price of 999 yuan ($155), when no filters are included, and at 1299 yuan ($202), when including two filter elements.

The Pro-H version of Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover can make electrolyzed water by itself. After municipal tap water is electrolyzed, the hypochlorous acid contained in the water has a sterilization efficiency of more than 99% against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, effectively blocking fecal-oral transmission and making the toilet truly clean. After a certain period of time, the sterile water can be automatically restored to ordinary water, which is natural and environmentally friendly.

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Each time the toilet lid is opened, it will automatically start the pre-wetting function: multi-directional automatic spraying of water mist to moisten the inner wall surface of the toilet to prevent dirt from adhering, and flushing and cleaning is cleaner.

Xiaomi smart toilet cover

The Pro-H version of Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover supports 8 cleaning modes, including SPA, menstrual care, children’s cleaning, women’s cleaning, buttocks cleaning, massage cleaning, reciprocating cleaning, and selection cleaning.

Most children cannot use the washing function normally because of their small buttocks. The one-key operation of this product is specially designed for children and can be used without being seated.

After the flushing is completed, the Pro-H version of Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover supports four-block warm air (40°C, 45°C, and 50°C) as well as four-block seat ring for temperature adjustment, which is suitable for all seasons.

Xiaomi smart toilet cover

You can start the deodorization function by yourself when you sit down. The activated carbon is combined with a catalyst deodorant, and then a fan is used for ventilation to make the air fresh and normal when going to the toilet, and breathe freely and more comfortably.

In terms of design, the Pro-H version of Xiaomu Smart Toilet Cover adopts a new slim design with smooth lines, no convex shape for remote control operation, and simple atmosphere. It is compatible with 95% of mainstream toilets on the market.

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