Xiaomi Youpin Launches Smart Ceiling Fan Light

On March 3, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Smart Ceiling Fan Light. It supports Mijia intelligent linkage, uses a strong DC motor, supporting forward and reverse control as well as stepless control, and the price is 599 yuan ($86).

This Huizuo Smart Ceiling Fan Light was delivered by Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd. It uses a DC inverter fan to achieve 1300 revolutions per minute.

The integrated structure design not only eliminates the tedious assembly procedures during installation but also effectively prevents dust and insects. It is quite simple to disassemble and manage.

Xiaomi smart fan lights

Its wind speed, brightness, and color temperature can be infinitely adjusted. What kind of wind and light you want, there are 100 gears to choose from, 50W lighting + 28W fan.

The wind blade can realize the setting of forward and reverse operation. The forward rotation blows hair. So the body temperature is cooler. The reverse suction, which promotes the indoor air circulation, is used with air conditioners.

The Xiaomi smart ceiling fan light has a 160° professional optical lens, with warm and cold lamp beads (3000K-6500K). The light effect is evenly soft and more comfortable.

Joining the Mijia Smart Ecosystem, you can set up smart scenarios through the Mijia app to achieve more smart home linkage. Voice control is realized through Xiaoai Audio. Light and wind can be controlled independently, which can be done in one sentence. At last, it can be used by both the elderly and children.

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