Xiaomi Youpin Launches Waterbox Sparkling Water Maker

Sparkling water is a new type of beverage with a fresh taste, delicate bubbles, and various fruit flavors. It has become a healthy drink sought by young people today. On a hot summer day, drink a glass of sparkling water. The delicate bubbles and refreshing taste will make you fresher. When carbon dioxide gas is released from the body, it will take away a lot of heat in the body, which is fascinating. Why are we talking about this? As you guess, we have another product from Xiaomi. On April 18, Xiaomi Youpin announced a sparkling water maker. It can make sparkling water at home at a price of 279 yuan ($39). It comes with a machine and a gas bottle. You can also purchase the gas bottle separately. A bottle is 99 yuan ($14).

The Waterbox home desktop bubble machine only needs one key to operate. As for the built-in automatic stagnation pressure device, when the pressure in the water bottle is excessive, the sparkling water maker will automatically stop the pressurized gas production to prevent the bottle from bursting.

It uses a food-grade C02 gas and strictly passed the inspection of SGS Swiss Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. – no pigment, no sugar, and no additives. Each cylinder can make about 60L of sparkling water, and about 180 bottles of 330ML of sparkling water on the market.

The smart version of the sparkling water maker can display the current bubble water concentration through the brightness of the indicator light in the display. It has built-in five-level bubble concentration control to solve the taste imbalance caused by the inability to understand the specific concentration when pressing, to meet the taste needs of different people.


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