8H Milan smart electric bed

Xiaomi’s 8H Milan smart electric bed is officially on sale: from 2599 yuan

Last December, Xiaomi Youpin launched the 8H Milan smart electric bed frame via crowdfunding. It supports five comfort modes, intelligent voice control and other functions. The crowdfunding price started from 1999 yuan ($287). At that time, the crowdfunding was successful and became a big hit product.

Today, this electric bed has been officially launched in Xiaomi Youpin, with a retail price starting from 2599 yuan ($373), with a guaranteed price of 60 days and a refund of the price.

The 8H Milan smart electric bed offers five comfort modes, including FLAT lying mode, anti-snoring mode, reading mode, TV mode, and zero gravity mode.

In addition to these five preset modes, the electric bed equipped with high-match dual motors allows you to unlock more custom modes and adjust the angle according to your preferences.

Also, the Milan smart electric bed can be connected to the Mijia app. It will allow you to adjust the bed at the angle you love with one click. At the same time, it also supports the voice control of Xiao Ai. As you understand, the interaction is quite simple. And you can make your bed comfortable for you with a single sentence.

As for the strength of the bed itself, the 8H Milan intelligent electric bed can support 1000kg. In addition, the electric bed also uses a 90mm ultra-thin electric bed skeleton, which is lighter and easier to install.

The 8H Milan smart electric bed has four colors, two specifications, and five purchase packages. So everyone can buy according to their needs.


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