Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator With Three Doors Released

In late December, Xiaomi released the Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator with three doors and a capacity of 408L in total. This product comes with a 21-inch large screen, three ‘rooms’, and three temperatures, also supporting AI voice control. The refrigerator’s price is 5599 yuan ($800).

The Yunmi Internet smart refrigerator uses an innovative T-type three-door design. Besides, the refrigerator has a newly upgraded structure. The refrigerator with 182 L freezer and 95 L variable temperature areas have more complete temperature zones than open-door refrigerators and cross four-door refrigerators.

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The Yunmi Internet smart refrigerator adopts a 360° air-cooling cycle without manual defrosting, uniform cooling and long-term freshness. When selecting the frequency conversion motor + frequency conversion compressor design, the refrigerator can intelligently sense the ambient temperature change match the appropriate refrigeration temperature and keep the temperature in the box relatively stable.

Yunmi Internet Smart Refrigerator

The refrigerator comes with a 21-inch full HD wide-angle display, which supports touch and voice control. Also, you can ask This device what the weather is like, listen to the news, or ask about the temperature in the freezer. This product features all kinds of fresh products that can be placed with one click and delivered to the home by express delivery.

Core features of this product include support 1 million + online recipes. The dishes that you will not make, the refrigerator will teach you. Also, you can listen to songs and watch dramas, access 17 million + first genuine music. In addition, the Yunmi Internet smart refrigerator is also a home control center. As you have connected to Mijia and bind your account, you can link smartphones, smart homes, and Internet appliances.


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