Yunmi Smart Pulsator Washing Machine 8kg Premium Version Announced

Xiaomi’s ecological chain company Yunmi recently launched a smart pulsator washing machine 8kg premium version, priced at 899 yuan ($129). Compared with the Redmi washing machine (799 Yuan ($115)), it still very affordable.

Redmi Washing Machine 1S

On many pulsator washing machines, we usually see a complicated program selection. Say, we should select a washing mode, water amount, washing time, etc. Agree that is cumbersome to operate. The Yunmi pulsator washing machine has a smart one-button washing function. After the laundry is placed in the washing machine, the water level can be automatically selected. At the same time, the washing program is matched, eliminating the need for users to manually set the trouble.

This is mainly due to the ‘black technology’ it comes with. Through the four sensing systems of weight perception, water level perception, clothing perception, and state perception, the Yunmi Smart Pulsator Washing Machine can automatically sense the state of clothing, providing more scientific smart laundry selection basis.

The Yunmi pulsator washing machine provides 8 water levels and 12 different washing modes. They can easily meet the daily needs of different laundry materials and meet the needs of the whole family.

In terms of performance, the washing power of the Yunmi pulsator washing machine reaches 470W and the dehydration power reaches 350W, making the washing and dehydration process more efficient.

The inner ring of the Yunmi pulsator washing machine is made of stainless steel. At the same time, it uses a high rib design to ensure that it is clean and at the same time can effectively prevent the clothes from tangling. The Yunmi wave wheel washing machine also uses 360-dimensional water flow washing, which is evenly waterproof and has a large water flow . It can fully wash the clothes when washing.


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