Alfawise U20 Pro FDM 3D Printer Review, price and Specifications

Printing methods continue to change over time. Traditionally, we use huge printing machines with a lot of hassles to print even a small article. The word 3D printing was not even come to ears. But today the scene is different from the ultra-advanced invention by the Alfawise. It is revolutionising the industry with Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer.

Printers are the equipment for daily use. Usually, we come across the general printing machines connected with computer devices. They are able to print the text, images, infographics, banners, posters and likewise things through the machines.

alfawise u20 pro

Meanwhile, the era of 3D printing comes and technology has even made it possible. Now, we are able to design and print the physical shapes, objects, and articles. They look like the original ones adding surprise and wonder to the viewers.

Alfawise U20 Pro 3D Printer: Features and Specifications

The Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is creative and auto-levelling printing machine. It can print the object with the maximum size of 300x300x400mm with the dual Z-axis rods and motor.

Further, the U20 Pro 3D printer is installed with the 4.2-inch colour touch screen that is placed on the control box. It is really responsive and will help to monitor real-time working data.

Along with, you are able to access the printing status indicator with multi-colour lights. They are available on the front of the base on both the sides of the screen. The indicator lights provide an eye look to the U20 Pro 3D printer machine.

Concluding all side, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is quite a worthy device to achieve better and convenient 3D printing status.

The Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer machine is a great tool to draw 3D prints in a proficient manner. The Alfawise provides the users with an easy-assembled device to be used at offices and home. Anyone can operate it either a novice or an experienced with the printing processes.

Following is the detailed review about the Alfawise U20 Pro, taking out the hidden features and qualities, its strengths and weaknesses. Navigate through the headings and know the 3D printing machine with a close view.

Design and Colour

First of all, if we pay some close attention to the design and look of the Alfawise U20 Pro printer, it will attract us by its elegant and smooth design. The Alfawise has assembled it with a wide approach to draft the narrow physique.

The 3D printing machine is measuring at 38.20×38.20×40.00cm dimensions with a weight of 12.8 kg. Furthermore, the U20 Pro 3D printer the users will get a single colour option – Black. It suits the personality with a super most way to provide a unique outlook.

alfawise u20 pro

The U20 Pro has no extra power supply box, which brings a simple looking by integrating all the wires. Moreover, the metal frame is manufactured by the advanced total oxidation processes to make it more durable and shiny.

The body of the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is made of aluminum alloy metal to consolidate it for better and long-lasting life. Further, the machine is developed with a 4×4 matrix levelling feature. It will measure the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed automatically.

The front side of the Alfawise U20 Pro equips a touch screen and indicator lights on both sides.

Overall, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is quite attractive to see and reserves the space because of its compact size.

Printing Size

Concerning the printing size, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is able to serve you with the 300x300x400mm printing size. If we use it at the office or home level, then it is quite a considerable size to go for.

alfawise u20 pro

The Alfawise U20 Pro comes with a single nozzle output with a diameter of 0.4mm. Further, the base upon which the print is created is a 3mm integral aluminum substrate with a high-temperature resistant PC film.

You can draw any object of any size with the Alfawise U20 Pro printer. It uses the filament of 1.75mm made of PLA and ABS.

The speed of the printing process is 50mm/second with model support function. The XY-axis positioning accuracy and the Z-axis positioning accuracy are 0.0125mm and 0.0025mm respectively.

Alfawise U20 pro Touch Screen

Being the latest 3D printing model of its time, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer comes with a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen in the front base.

What is the use of this screen?

The screen is provided to give you real-time data about the functionality of the machine. You can monitor the current printing status, time taken, and other useful parameters. The user interface is quite attractive and you will enjoy it like a smartphone.

Moreover, U20 Pro delivers a brand new UI design that exposes the top sense of technology. The touch screen is convenient to use and operate the 3D priming in your own style.

Alfawise U20 pro Printing Status Indicator Lights

It can be an incredible feature of the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer. The users are liable to get the printing status also through the indicator lights.

The indicator lights are situated on the left and the right side of the screen. It looks like the eyes of the machine and creates an interesting user experience.

The lights come in three different colours – Red, Blue, and Green.

These colours signify the different status of the functionality. The Red light will blink when the machine assumes heating. Similarly, when the Blue light is on, it indicates the printing process is underway. The Green light is the indication of the standby mode.

alfawise u20 pro

Ultimately, the U20 Pro 3D printer offersan extensive platform to facilitate your printing efforts with the ultra-modern features.

Alfawise U20 pro Matrix Auto-Levelling

The Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printing machine works on the matrix auto-levelling technology. It combines 4×4 matrix-levelling feature to automatically measure the distance between the nozzle and hotbed within the 16 points.

Therefore, it will ensure accurate levelling, which further facilitate to produce the best possible print. The whole process is technically managed and close labour work is totally eliminated.

The U20 Pro 3D printer detects the hotbed with full precision and in a horizontal way. Hence, the whole printing set up process is automatic and self-managed by the machine.

Filament and Auto-Resume Function

The U20 Pro 3D printer uses 1.75 mm filament to create the prints. It delivers high accuracy print technology similar to other U-series printing machines.

The filament will draw 0.1-0.4mm precision, which enables the machine to draw all types of prints in an accurate and precise way.

The filaments are tied up on the left-hand side of the machine. Although it is in a round shape, it will remain straight to make the process easy and smooth. The filament will avoid the bending mode.

Further, the Alfawise has also made is quite easy and simple to change the filament extension when the role is empty. The U20 Pro 3D printer will stop functioning automatically when the filament is over. Similarly, it will resume the process when a new filament is added.

Turbo Fan Cooling

Furthermore, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer also has a high-speed turbo fan cooling. It is installed on the machine to emit high-temperature and hotness of the machine.

Unfortunately, the fan has a drawback. When we switch on the U20 Pro 3D printing machine for the second time, it produces some irritating noise. It can hinder the user attention and can lag behind the machine against its counterparts.

Otherwise, the fan is cool and works considerably to maintain the machine temperature at a level.

Alfawise U20 pro Manual Assembling

The Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is a long format machine with semi DIY type. Many of its parts are pre-assembled, but some of the systems need to be constructed manually.

It is quite easy and simple to assemble the U20 Pro. You are either a new user or an experienced with this machine; you can handle the assembling process effortlessly.

The manufacturing company ensures that it can be assembled within 10 minutes by the average user. If you are the first-timer, you can take up to 1 hour to assemble it but reduces the time with practice.

Offline Printing

Now it is also possible to print the matters on the offline mode. How can it be done?

You have the option with the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer to use an external SD card to command the machine. A USB port is available to attach the pen drive also for quick printing.

The Alfawise U20 Pro supports several file formats like OBJ, G-code, and STL etc.

Additional Features

Additionally, the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer has Dual Z axis rods and motors, TMC ultra-quite drive, simple and integrated wiring system, heat dissipation system, Cura computer software support, Windows, Linux, MAC support, offline printing mode, 50mm/s print speed, 190-220-degree nozzle temperature, and many others.

Alfawise U20 pro Price

The price of the Alfawise U20 Pro 3D printer is $479.99 after a16% discount on the Gearbest online store. You can hit the following link to buy now:

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