AnTuTu Released Price-Performance List For January

On February 6, AnTuTu announced the price-performance list of Android phones for January. Due to the general increase in the price of 5G smartphones, after recalculation, AnTuTu decided to optimize the range from 0-1499 yuan ($224) to 0-1999 yuan ($299).

At this point, the AnTuTu cost performance list is divided into five lists of a 0-1999 yuan ($299), 2000-2999 yuan ($300-449), 3000-3999 yuan ($450-599), 4000-4999 yuan ($600-749), and 5000 yuan ($750).

The first places on the lists look like this. It starts with the Redmi 10X 5G 6+128GB (1399 yuan ($209)), Redmi K30S Ultra 8+128GB (2599 yuan ($389)), iQOO 7 8+128GB (3798 yuan ($569)). Then it comes Xiaomi 11 8+256GB (4299 RMB), Xiaomi 10 Ultra 8+128GB (5299 RMB).

From the first place on the list, Redmi firmly occupies the first place in the price-performance ratio of models below 3,000 yuan ($450). At the same time, Xiaomi takes the first place in the price-performance ratio above 4,000 yuan ($600).

According to AnTuTu’s analysis, the price range of 0-1999 yuan is basically covered by 5G smartphones. At the same time, it indicates that the price of 5G smartphones has begun to drop. It is expected that this year will cover all price points. And 4G smartphones will also withdraw from the top ten list over time.

2000-2999 yuan is a cost-effective flagship SoC model. This time is the most suitable to start (or wait for the Redmi K40 Pro Snapdragon 888). You can use the performance for more than one year.

There are flagship models for 3000-3999 yuan and 4000-4999 yuan. As well as there are Android phones sporting Snapdragon 888, suitable for users who are early adopters of new technologies.

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