Huawei released the new smart security brand, namely Huawei HoloSens

Today, at the smart security business strategy conference, Huawei released the new smart security brand, namely Huawei HoloSens. Also, it brought the industry’s first intelligent video based on cloud platform HoloSens IVS3800 and the industry’s strongest power camera HoloSens SDC X2382-HL. The company said that this will meet the security needs of holographic perception and data intelligence in various industries and urban development in the current smart era.

Huawei HoloSens

Huawei HoloSens series new products

Huawei released the HoloSens IVS3800 intelligent video cloud platform based on the Shengteng 310 and the Kunpeng 920. At the same time, it launched the HoloSens SDC camera based on the Shengteng 310.

Huawei HoloSens IVS3800 combines storage, computing and retrieval functions to help build security platforms in safe cities, transportation, and large and medium-sized parks.

Moreover, Huawei HoloSens SDC includes X (Extreme AI), M (Professional AI), C (Pu Hui AI) and other series, of which X2382 can have up to 16Tops industry’s strongest computing power, providing holographic intelligent sensing front end.

Huawei’s intelligent security “2+4+N” business strategy

At the meeting, Huawei also released the ‘2+4+N’ smart security business strategy. In this ‘formula’, 2 refers to Huawei’s intelligent security based on ‘Peng Peng and Shengteng’ series of chips (2 chips). 4 refers to true data, true intelligence, true openness, true security, etc. (4 true). N refers to ‘N ecological partners.’

Three smart security white papers

For the smart security business strategy, Huawei also released three white papers on intelligence, openness, and security.

‘Huawei Intelligent Security iCAN Intelligent Index Evaluation System White Paper’: The iCAN model framework is derived from OODA cycle theory, iCAN intelligent index evaluation framework and L0-L4 intelligent grading, three-dimensional matrix model and evaluation function, and gives a quantifiable intelligence index.

‘Huawei Intelligent Security Open Architecture and Ecological White Paper’: It puts forward ‘platform + AI + ecology’ to empower the open cooperation system of thousands of industries, software-defined smart cameras, smart phones, and to open multi-algorithm warehouse plug-in algorithm integration.

‘Huawei Intelligent Security Trusted Trusteeship Architecture and Ecological White Paper’: It puts forward ‘to make ‘security and credibility’ a core competitiveness of products and solutions’, comprehensively carrying out credible changes, reshaping security and credible goals, and deepening defense security.

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