Which Solution Does Xiaomi Use For GaN Charger?

At the press conference of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Lei Jun announced the first Xiaomi-based charger using GaN gallium nitride materials. It has a maximum power of 65W. So, which solution does Xiaomi use for this GaN charger?

Soon, Nanomicro Semiconductors representative came out, announcing that Xiaomi’s gallium nitride charger uses its GANFast charging technology. Its charging power is 100 times faster than previous silicon power chips.

The Xiaomi GaN charger is equipped with Nanomicro Semiconductor’s NV6115 and NV6117 GaNFast power ICs. They are optimized for high-frequency and soft-switching topologies. The very fast and easy-to-use ‘digital input, power output’ high-performance power conversion module also makes the size of Xiaomi’s charger only 56.3 × 30.8 × 30.8 mm (53cc), which is only about half of the standard charger.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has invested in Nanomicro Semiconductor earlier to lay the groundwork for this cooperation.

Xiaomi’s investment strategy is to establish upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain through capital injection while taking into account the dual benefits of investment and business. Through this cooperation, Nanomicro Semiconductor has also been able to broaden its sales channels.

Nanomicro Semiconductor said that this is the proof that Xiaomi supports cooperative enterprises, promotes the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and stimulates the vitality of the industry.

Nanomicro Semiconductor claims to be the world’s first and only GaN power IC company. Founded in 2014 in El Segundo, California, the United States has a strong and growing team of experts in the power semiconductor industry. In the field of successful marketing and innovation records, the company has more than 200 years of experience, and many founders have more than 200 patents.


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