Mi Juneng Writing Colorful Gel Pen

Xiaomi Mall Has Put On Mi Juneng Writing Colorful Gel Pen

In June of last year, Xiaomi launched a Juneng writing colorful gel pen, using Japanese MIKUNI ink. It is as good as 4 ordinary pens, and successfully completed the writing of Pi to 178,022 decimal places. A few days ago, Xiaomi Mall has quietly put on the Mi Juneng writing colorful gel pen. It is more colorful than the previous black and meets individual writing needs. A box of five, including orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, is priced at 9.99 yuan ($1.5).

Like the previous black models, the Mi Juneng Colorful Gel Pen also supports 4 times the writing length. It uses an 8.5g matte pen body, built-in pigment ink. It uses Japanese MKUNI ink and 0.5mm spring bullet, and it is said that a pen can write 178022 digits after the decimal point of pi. According to the official statement, the Chinese version of “The Little Prince” has 50,000 characters, and a Xiaomi giant colorful gel pen can finish it. It has 1600 meters writing distance. It surpasses an ordinary gel pen four times.

The Mi Ju Neng Write Colorful Gel Pen adopts a semi-transparent matte body and weighs only 8.5g. The pigment-based ink produces smooth ink and quick-drying. The pen tip is precision-processed by Swiss MIKRON machine. The pen tip has a built-in spring that can hold the ball and bead when placed horizontally to improve sealing. It also effectively prevents ink leakage. Even if the cap is lost, the ink will not dry easily. At present, the colorful gel pen of Xiaomi Juneng has opened an appointment in the Xiaomi store. So, the sale will be on time at 10:00 on December 8.

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