Xiaomi Walkie-Talkies Sold Up To 2 Million Units Worldwide

Today, the official Weibo channel of Xiaomi Smart Life announced that the sales of Xiaomi walkie-talkies exceeded 2 million units.

The Mi walkie-talkie was released in 2017 and won the Japan Good Design Award in the same year. by the way, this award is one out of four major global design awards. The rest three include the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the IDEA Award.

Xiaomi walkie-talkie

Subsequently, Xiaomi successively launched Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie 1S (October 2018), Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie 2 (April 2019), and Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite (September 2020), with prices ranging from RMB 129 to RMB 449 ($20 – $65).

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi walkie-talkies focus on the “minimalism”. The entire body has only a few buttons and a clear screen, which can help users quickly understand and operate. Thus, its learning cost is close to 0. At the same time, it adopts a highly difficult one-piece molding process and ultrasonic welding technology. Due to them, it has a very good grip.

Xiaomi walkie-talkie

In terms of communication function, the product adopts a universal antenna interface design. You can change antennas of different lengths according to your needs to get a longer call distance, and can connect to the app on the mobile phone to help the intercom to talk.

Xiaomi walkie-talkie

Xiaomi’s new media director also posted a commemorative set of 2 million sets of Xiaomi walkie-talkie series on Weibo. They will have limited colors and exclusive numbers. The specific price and sale time have not yet been announced.

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